Dinacharya : Daily Routine

Shoucha vidhi : One should get up early in the morning Brahmi muhurta Should release his natural urges without being induced forcefully.

Danta Dhavana: Tooth brushing, Tooth must be brushed early in the morning and before going to bed.

Nasya: Nasal instillation with herbal oil, followed by gargling. By doing so mouth becomes fresh, removes bad breath, skin complexion improves, prevents premature greying, enriches voice and prevents scaling of lips, dryness of mouth and tooth disorders.

Abhyangam: Apply medicated oil and massage whole body, massage induces good sleep, slows down ageing process, lubricates the joints, and nourishes the skin.

Vyayama (Exercise): The deliberate action that produces physical exhaustion of the body. It produces lightness, stimulates digestive function and removes fat.

Snana: Bath, It reduces pain and inflammation, calms down the nervous system, reduces the level of stress and anxiety in the body and improves the mood.

Bhojanam: One should consume balanced diet to stay fit and healthy,

Sadvrutha: Good social behaviour