Tridoshas : Synopsis of Physiology

Doshas : they are the principles which are symbolic expressions of physiological activities and pathological derangements. Vata Dosha: The principle which is responsible for mobility, driving energy ,pulsating movement, All voluntary and involuntary movements of the body, excretion of stool urine flatus, blood circulation and discharge of nerve impulses. Vata occupies lower part of the […]

Dinacharya : Daily Routine

Shoucha vidhi : One should get up early in the morning Brahmi muhurta Should release his natural urges without being induced forcefully. Danta Dhavana: Tooth brushing, Tooth must be brushed early in the morning and before going to bed. Nasya: Nasal instillation with herbal oil, followed by gargling. By doing so mouth becomes fresh, removes […]