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Keralaa Ayurveda, Pondicherry is providing preventive and curative therapy for ailments through body detoxification, lifestyle modifications with a holistic approach. We delight guests with globally admired Ayurveda therapies that deliver wellness naturally. We provide quality Ayurvedic treatment under expert guidance of doctor, experienced , qualified and competent therapist team

Ayurveda is the eternal vedic science of like, and the traditional natural healing system of India. Today, Ayurveda is at the forefront of mind-body medicines. Ayurveda has spread far beyond its traditional base and is gaining attention throughout the world. Ayurveda with its understanding of life and consciousness will become the medicine of the future.

Doctor Profile

Dr S. Madhavi has completed her BAMS  (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) in the prestigious Government ayurvedic medical college Bangalore, in the year2006. It is recognised by Rajiv Gandhi university of health science.


Arthritis, joint pain, knee pain, migraine, psoriasis, spondylitis both lumbar and cervical, diabetes , hypertension, anxiety  sinusitis, skin problems

(Pain relieving treatment, stress management, weight management, beauty care, Spine and joint care)

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