Keralaa Ayurveda, Pondicherry is providing preventive and curative therapy for ailments through body detoxification, lifestyle modifications with a holistic approach. We delight guests with globally admired Ayurveda therapies that deliver wellness naturally. We provide quality ayurvedic treatment under expert guidance of doctor, experienced , qualified and competent therapist team


70 Mins

A splendid combination of different Ayurveda techniques to cure the body ailments and disease. A relaxing full body massage and hot fomentation with herbs relaxes the muscles, tones the body and stimulates circulation.


90 Mins

State of eternal bliss: A rejuvenation module that relieves you from stress and strain of body and mind. It is a rebirth in to a healthy and pure life.



Soundarya vardhini

75 Mins

A specially designed ayurvedic body care programme mainly aimed at toning and nourishing the body and skin.